If you’re an organization that handles sensitive payment-related information, making sure that you’ve got your data security and privacy bases covered will always be top of mind. As cloud environments scale with the growth of online commerce, so does your data footprint— especially sensitive cardholder or authentication data.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) recently launched the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Version 4.0 for organizations that store, process, or transmit sensitive payment-related data. It’s a thorough and instructive standard of guidance for organizations to protect sensitive payment-related data from unauthorized exposure and meet regulatory requirements.

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The good news is that BigID can help you address PCI DSS and meet compliance. Meeting PCI DSS starts with establishing a strong data discovery and classification foundation. Your data is your most valuable asset and it’s what adversaries are ultimately after. Without knowing your data —where it is, what it is, and its accessibility – nothing else matters. You just can’t protect what you can’t see.

Go Where Your Payment-Related Data Goes

Sensitive, payment-related data can proliferate throughout your data environment, in places you might not have otherwise expected. Fortunately, BigID can connect to and support over 300 data source types across the cloud and on-prem – structured, unstructured, or semi-structured – to automatically discover and classify sensitive data contained within them. This includes databases, mainframes, pipelines, data lakes, cloud IaaS, SaaS, applications, and more – wherever payment-related data may end up.

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Find & Classify All Types of Account Data

BigID leverages advanced, ML-based classification techniques to discover and classify hundreds of types of sensitive data, including all of the cardholder and authentication data types listed in PCI DSS. Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods like Name Entity Recognition (NER) and Deep Learning to customize classifiers that can accurately identify payment-related data unique to your organization. Improve accuracy, reduce noise, and save money while accelerating time to insight.

Proactive Protection & Policy Enforcement

A strong discovery and classification practice allows you to proactively take measures to prevent data exposure. Identify, flag, investigate, and prioritize file access risk to sensitive payment-related data. Map account data processing and sharing to assess the risk profile for a given business process. Set policies around specific account data requiring encryption, masking, retention, minimization, and more. Then, assign the right people and tools to carry out the appropriate remediation actions.

Want to know more? Read the solution brief to understand how BigID can address specific requirements outlined in PCI DSS.

BigID helps organizations of all sizes manage, protect, and get more value out of their data anywhere it exists — on-prem or in the cloud. Start meeting PCI DSS compliance and mitigating data risk today. Get a 1:1 demo to see BigID in action.