BigID introduced the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) app to help organizations assess and communicate their privacy risk.

BigID’s PIA app, part of the BigID Privacy Suite, enables organizations to identify, document, and minimize the risk associated with personally identifiable information (PII) to determine if data processing is considered a high privacy risk.

“Foundational to privacy are the regulations around the globe that create a bare minimum of conduct required of entities regarding the protection of privacy of individuals. The GDPR, chief among these, has ushered in strict requirements around privacy impact assessments and lawful processing of data. Organizations cannot afford to risk the reputational risk of GDPR fines and bad press that come with ineffective privacy programs.” said Ryan O’Leary, Esq. IDC Research Manager, Privacy and Legal Technology. “Organizations need to invest in technology and processes to handle privacy risk and ensure the resiliency of their organizations.”

BigID will demonstrate its full privacy suite, including its Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) Data Mapping App and new PIA app, holistic privacy management solutions for risk assessments, at the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress today.

BigID’s privacy suite brings holistic privacy management to organizations – spanning data inventory and mapping, RoPA and PIA, preference management, data minimization, data rights automation, and more – enabling organizations to operationalize data privacy across the entire organization, and across their entire data landscape.

Organizations can leverage BigID’s PIA app to:

  • Mitigate privacy risk by operationalizing remediation to take necessary actions
  • Collaborate with data owners across the organization to fill PIA/DPIA
  • Map business processes and data flows
  • Report on compliance with standard-templates

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