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Manage Records of Processing Activities for Compliance

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Data processing without the pain

Manage Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) in a central location to assess data assets, protection, breach status, locations, DPIA, 3rd-party sharing and transfers.

Generate visual data flows aligned with agreements and policies while reporting on data processing activities and third-party data transfers.

Map data processing and sharing consistently to assess the risk profile for a given business process. Build a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) process that will flag risk associated with PI/PII and third-party data sharing.

Curate RoPA templates or use existing templates to automatically discover, document and report on third-party data sharing, cross-border transfers, data purpose, legal basis of processing and more. Provide data protection regulators necessary proof of compliance – and report on who, what, and why behind the data that’s processed.

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Data processing done differently

  • Find All, Data Everywhere
  • Unified Dashboard
  • Data Flow Mapping
  • Save Time
  • Maintain Continuous Compliance
  • Role Based Workflows
  • Reduce Privacy Risk
  • Report on Activity

Mitigate privacy risk through automated RoPA data mapping.

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