BigID now offers the industry’s first data catalog that fully integrates with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) labeling capabilities. With the new bi-directional synchronization, you can leverage BigID to see MIP labels within the BigID data catalog and extend data labeling capabilities across all data sources — structured and unstructured, on prem or cloud-based.

Customers can leverage BigID’s in-depth discovery and ML-based classification to accurately set MIP labels across all the right data sources — and then have those labels appear within the BigID data catalog. MIP labels set externally are also included and imported into BigID catalog, creating a single pane of glass for all your data and metadata.

BigID + Microsoft Information Protection

Complete Data Labeling Coverage

Label Your Data, Everywhere

Unmatched coverage across any data type, cloud or on-prem, allows BigID to use MIP and set labels on objects in data sources that are not currently supported by Microsoft, such as Google Drive’s labeling framework. With BigID, customers can be confident that their entire state is covered with respect to data labeling — not just a subset.

BigID Catalog Becomes Your Data Hub

By propagating labels within the data catalog, BigID acts as the unified “data hub” for an organization. This hub serves as the single source of truth on the state of all sensitive or critical information across the environment, driving ease of use and agility for security teams. Set the same governance rules and policies across all your data environments with BigID.

Labeling Consistency Across Different Access Control Systems

With this integration, customers can apply the same or equivalent labels across disparate labeling frameworks that span different environments. Import labels from MIP into the BigID catalog, and then trigger the same labels to apply to similar files across other disparate data environments, such as AWS Lake Formation or Google Drive’s labeling framework.

Conformity Across Structured and Unstructured

BigID identifies and classifies both structured and unstructured data, adding labels and applying access policies regardless of data type. Leverage consistent labeling rules across both data types: import labels from MIP, and export the same labeling rules for unstructured data environments such as Snowflake. Then use the same label values to set similar access control policies across structured and unstructured data environments.

BigID helps organizations of all sizes manage, protect, and get more value out of their data anywhere it exists — on-prem or in the cloud. Discover the power of BigID’s data labeling solution and in-depth data discovery for your organization. Get a 1:1 demo with our experts to see it in action.