Our recent research study, “2024 CISO Report: The Current State of Data Security, Governance, and AI,” revealed that to address security concerns such as exposed data and over-permissioned users, nearly half of CISOs are turning to Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) to proactively identify and mitigate insider risk. Traditional legacy methods of data protection like DLP are no longer enough to provide security teams with the kind of flexibility and coverage needed to effectively safeguard against various evolving threats.

Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar

In many organizations, exposed data and overly permissive user access controls create significant vulnerabilities. These gaps make organizations prime targets for malicious actors or increase the risk of accidental data breaches by employees. This lack of control over data access leaves sensitive information at constant risk, posing a significant challenge for CISOs striving to maintain a robust security posture.

Exposed data can be inadvertently accessed by unauthorized users, while over-permissioned users have access rights beyond what is necessary for their roles. These issues complicate the enforcement of security policies and hinder the ability to protect sensitive data effectively. Consequently, CISOs face an ongoing battle to secure their organizations against potential data breaches and insider threats.

The BigID Difference

BigID offers a powerful solution to these challenges by providing comprehensive access control and visibility features that help organizations maintain a strong security posture. Here’s how BigID addresses the problem:

  • Automatic Risk Remediation: BigID can automatically remediate identified risks by taking actions such as masking or deleting exposed sensitive data and revoking unnecessary user access permissions. These actions are based on predefined policies and workflows, ensuring that remediation is consistent and aligned with organizational security policies.
  • Detailed Data Access Auditing: BigID provides detailed data access auditing capabilities, enabling organizations to track who accessed what data, when, and from where. This audit trail is invaluable for investigating potential insider threats or data misuse incidents, allowing CISOs to pinpoint the source of security breaches and take appropriate action.
  • Enforced Data Access Policies: Organizations can define data access policies within BigID, and the platform ensures these policies are enforced. Properly tagged data ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Lifecycle Data Tracking: BigID tracks data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deletion. This comprehensive tracking ensures that data is retained only as long as necessary and is securely disposed of when no longer needed. By managing data lifecycle effectively, organizations can minimize the risk of retaining unnecessary sensitive information that could be exposed.
Enhance Your Data Security Posture Today

DSPM for Overprivileged Access

By leveraging BigID’s advanced capabilities, organizations can address the vulnerabilities posed by exposed data and over-permissioned users. BigID’s automated risk remediation, detailed access auditing, enforced data access policies, and lifecycle data tracking provide CISOs with the tools needed to maintain a strong security posture. With these features, organizations can proactively identify and mitigate insider risks, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from both malicious actors and accidental breaches.

In a landscape where data security is paramount, BigID stands out as a vital ally for CISOs, helping them safeguard their organizations against evolving threats and maintain strong access control and visibility.

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