Know your customer, know their data!

Data knowledge is the critical ingredient for solving critical privacy, security and data governance use cases. You can’t accurately trust data compliance without an ability to trust the underlying data. Privacy requires a rethink of how organizations find and understand their data. It requires a level of content and context about not just “what” data a company collected but also “whose” data was collected.

BigID created the first product purpose-built platform for the kind of data discovery required for privacy. In so doing, we also fashioned the first platform that was able to capture context around data like to whom it belonged, or whether there existed an associated permission, or who had access to that data to give some examples.

Some of these were essential for privacy. But they also play a larger role in providing deeper insights into the what, where, who, why, and when of how data was, collected, processed and shared.

As the BigID platform has evolved to encompass the best of cataloging, classification and correlation, the platform has delved further beyond discovery alone.

Today, BigID is the most comprehensive platform in the market to provide organizations insight and intelligence on their most important assets: the data they collect and process on their customers and clients.