Maintaining complete visibility and control of your IT assets – hardware, software, and most importantly data – across your environment is challenging. The growth of cloud and hybrid models, running a myriad of applications, has increased the volume and variety of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Maintaining a single source of truth for all your IT assets has never been more critical to meeting your security, privacy, governance, and compliance goals.

That’s where Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) come in. When properly implemented and managed they serve as critical repositories for a singular, reliable source of truth. The hurdle lies in crafting a proven and robust procedure to uphold the comprehensiveness and accuracy of these CMDBs consistently.

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Enrich Your CMDBs with Unparalleled Context

BigID’s unmatched platform for complete data visibility and control driven by AI and ML-based context and insight helps take your ServiceNow CMDB to the next level. BigID gives you a rich and granular perspective of your data – its sensitivity, where it resides, who has access to it, and how it flows throughout your environment.

ServiceNow makes it easy to manage your CMDBS for on-premises and cloud assets, especially around your data. ServiceNow automates the identification and onboarding of items like servers and applications, improving IT operations, multi-cloud management, and software licenses. This helps enhance security and compliance by understanding server setups and corresponding data access.

BigID’s Metadata Exchange Application for the ServiceNow CMDB provides a bi-directional sync of BigID’s catalog and the ServiceNow CMDB. Synchronization of the assets and data context offers an automated population of sensitivity classifications within the ServiceNow key values table and hundreds of potential data attributes to the CIs.

With this additional context, automate data-driven security, privacy, governance, and compliance workflows that benefit your organization cross-functionally. Allow your Security Ops, Privacy, Risk, and Compliance teams to leverage use cases such as:

What’s New in Our CMDB Collaboration with ServiceNow:

  • Data Source Synchronization (both structured and unstructured)
    • Sync additional cloud data sources such as S3 buckets, DynamoDB, and Redshift to our existing list of data sources.
  • Data Source Selection & Filtering
    • In addition to bi-directional sync for “bulk” onboarding of assets to the CMDB from BigID and vice versa, users can opt to selectively synchronize sources.
  • Business Ownership Sync
    • Notify business owners about policy violations and facilitate the remediation of these violations.

To learn more about these developments and more from BigID and ServiceNow, schedule a 1:1 with one of our data experts today.