Automate Data Flow Mapping

Generate and Maintain Data-driven Data Maps

Data Mapping

Data Mapping is an increasingly common enterprise exercise used to describe a data flow in a critical business process. It is used as an input to both a data security and privacy assessment because it helps identify risk in how sensitive personal data is collected, processed and disposed. However while data mapping is quickly becoming essential data governance, security and privacy teams today lack the automation to efficiently, accurately and scalably create or maintain data maps.

Today data maps are built through people-centric interviews, surveys, interpretation and estimations. They rely heavily on manual process and judgement. Their output is a set of drawings disconnected from the data they try to emulate. BigID aims to invert the data mapping process by starting with the data. BigID can help automate the manual process of collecting and contextualizing an organization’s information flows.


Data Discovery

Find and track personal data stores
in the datacenter and cloud


Access Tracking

Track how the data is accessed by applications


Find Purpose

Capture purpose, consent and data typing for ingested information


Get Context

Add business context to data store and usage



Coordinate with stakeholders to add relevant details


Disposition & Retention

Identity risky sharing, define retention policies


Live Data

Build data maps with live, drillable data connections