Know Your Data in Workday

Discover, classify, and manage sensitive and personal data in Workday

How Workday and BigID Work Together

BigID automatically finds, identifies, and classifies personal and sensitive data stored in Workday. Organizations can leverage BigID’s ML-driven data discovery for HR management, Big Data, information systems, and more.

With BigID, you can quickly discover data in Workday using minimal resources and storage—a big advantage when working with large data sources. See how BigID helps organizations discover, inventory, manage, and protect their data in Workday—and across their entire data ecosystem.

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Benefits of Workday


Easy to Use

Makes routine personnel management like accessing records, viewing earning statements, and updating records simple and straightforward.



Offers self-service for employees and managers, letting people across the organization access and update their information privately, from any device.



Features a SaaS-cloud delivery model that extends services to customers, reducing investment in hardware, energy consumption, and cost.


Accessible and Secure

Provides a secure network that gives employees 24/7 access to the most up-to-date information about their teams.


Solid Support

Publishes semi-annual updates, continually introducing new HR and payroll features and capabilities.



Application runs on PC, iOS, and Android environments.

About Workday

A relational DB management system, Workday is a business application that utilizes metadata definitions. Organizations use Workday to manage human resources. Its feature-rich software makes Workday the choice human capital management solution for many organizations. Real-time reporting analytics speed up business decisions.

As a cloud-based solution, Workday provides a single location for a broad range of activities, managing finances, people, and performance. Workday scales notably well, especially across multiple locations.

Over 4,000 companies and institutions deploy Workday, including Netflix, HP, Kohl’s, Nissan Motors, Target, and Gap. Workday is hugely popular in the computer software industry and beyond, especially among high-revenue organizations with 1,000 to 5,000 employees. Many institutions of higher learning have successfully implemented Workday, including Cornell, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, Yale, and more.