Twenty five years ago, the network was the key technology for an organization. However, in today’s digital business era— data is now the focus— regardless of where it sits, where it was generated, or the format. It drives customer engagement, supports internal operations, and fuels innovation.

As digital transformation continues to expand the use of data across various platforms, securing and governing the data has become more challenging. In the recently released IDC Worldwide Information Protection Market Shares, 2022: Managing Data Risk is the Name of the Game, stresses the critical importance of managing evolving data risk— a task BigID is both committed and well equipped for.

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The Expanding Data Landscape

Traditionally, data was compartmentalized within departments and tools, making it easy to know where critical information was stored. Now, data distribution looks different, with data spread across a wide range of hybrid and cloud environments and managed by a myriad of applications. Organizations often struggle to stay on top of location, formats, access, compliance and security of all their data; whether structured or unstructured.

IDC notes that BigID’s data security offering is “driven by a robust partner strategy and growing platform of capabilities that are designed to assist organizations of all sizes to address data security, privacy, and compliance initiatives.” We understand that in the digital business era, control over data is paramount and BigID is designed to address these challenges. From data security posture management (DSPM), data access governance (DAG) to data loss prevention (DLP), privacy and compliance— BigID offers a complete software solution to ensure organizations:

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A Multi-Faceted Approach to Data Security

Data security cannot be viewed in a singular fashion, instead, it requires a multi-pronged approach that needs various data security technologies to mesh into one overarching solution. Businesses evolve over time, and so do their security needs. Rather than forcing organizations to abandon existing tools, BigID is designed to work in harmony with the tools they already have in place. This means you can tailor your data security strategy to suit your organization’s unique requirements without the need to rip-and-replace or start from scratch.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for data security. What works for one organization might differ from another, and BigID’s flexibility reflects this reality. BigID’s modular and use case based approach ensures organizations can choose the best-fit solutions that align with business requirements. For this reason, BigID has focused its product development on helping organizations demonstrate value in key initiatives including regulatory compliance, data minimization, and risk management.

Unified Data Security – No Matter What, Where, or Who

Organizations need comprehensive data security solutions that encompass various data types, locations, and environments. BigID offers this level of protection, suitable for cloud and hybrid architectures, across various data repositories and applications. Whether it’s structured data in databases or unstructured data in files, or even semi-structured blob data, BigID accurately identifies, classifies and manages sensitive data across the enterprise.

With the broad availability and adoption of enterprise applications and data, the risk footprint is shifting. More users have access to more data and the biggest threats to the integrity and security of data are less likely to look like malicious attacks —and more like employees just trying to do their jobs.

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AI-Powered Data Security with User-Friendliness

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a pivotal role in modern data security. However, unmanaged and ungoverned AI data usage will expose sensitive, critical, private and compliant data unintentionally creating a huge risk for the organization. BigID governs AI by ensuring that organizations can prevent sensitive data usage by generative AI including continually securing the underlying data sources and language models.

BigID believes data security starts at the source— employing AI features to help manage proper access and data utilization. BigID leverages AI/ML to uncover and infer data and metadata inferences by context, augment metadata, and automate data security, utilizing a variety of features including natural language processing and graph technology. AI should seamlessly enhance the user experience and simplify data security.

AI should serve as a natural extension of product usage without adding complexity for users. As such, BigID Copilot offers easy-to-use AI-driven automation to gain better clarity of data, intelligently organize data, and reduce data risk. As AI adoption grows in the security field, it is essential that AI, such as BigID Copilot, is thoughtfully integrated into the product, offering practical benefits without introducing unnecessary security, privacy, or compliance complications.

BigID is committed to staying at the forefront of the dynamic data security market. BigID is designed to empower organizations to secure their data effectively, providing a flexible approach, comprehensive security, privacy & compliance, while properly leveraging automated AI-driven outcomes.

In a rapidly evolving data security landscape, BigID understands your organization’s unique challenges. Our security software is here to help you navigate the complexities of the digital age, ensuring that your data remains secure, while enabling your business to thrive.

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