Over 130 years ago, two US lawyers defined privacy as the “right to be left alone”.  In the early 80s, the Council of Europe declared the “right to privacy” a legal imperative.  The 1990s brought forth the European Data Protection Directive, which paved the way to more defined (with a much broader scope) privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.

Modern privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA demanded a new way to think about data: prioritizing individual data rights and requiring organizations to rethink how they approached personal and sensitive data. Four years ago, BigID came into the picture to address these challenges: transforming the way companies know their data, while rethinking data discovery and intelligence for the privacy era.

Fast forward to this week – and we’re thrilled to be named to the 2020 Cloud 100, ranking among the top 100 private enterprise cloud companies in the world. Even better?  We’re in good company: listed with partners including Snowflake, Databricks, and Confluent.

Data drives the modern enterprise – and as digital transformation and cloud initiatives continue to accelerate, BigID’s modern approach to data discovery, privacy, security, and governance is purpose built to address the challenges of today’s data landscape.

This recognition from Forbes is a testament to how BigID empowers enterprises to know their data, get more value from their data, and take a proactive approach to protecting and managing their sensitive data. It’s acknowledging our innovation and contributions to an accelerated path of digital transformation – in Forbes’ words: “With so many businesses growing fast in the cloud, from data infrastructure to marketing, it’s harder than ever to make the Cloud 100 list – but with more elite company if you do.”

Over the past six months, we’ve introduced three critical innovations – Discovery-in-Depth, the BigID App Development Framework, and the BigID App Marketplace – to help organizations get unprecedented situational awareness around their most critical asset: their crown jewel data on people, customers, IP, transactions and more.

BigID remains the pioneer and market leader in privacy-aware data discovery and intelligence, enabling organizations to truly “know their data” and deliver sustainable privacy compliance, actionable data protection, and accelerated time to value with data perspective.

And over the next six months?  Stay tuned to stay on top of even more innovation from BigID  – we’re just getting started.