Earlier this week, BigID announced the first app marketplace for any data discovery platform. BigID’s App Marketplace makes it easy to add, extend, and adapt new apps to solve big challenges in data privacy, data security, and data management. This release comes on the heels of two other major announcements, Discovery-in-Depth and the BigID Application Development Framework, forming a triptych of major innovation in the category of data discovery and data intelligence.

This series of three announcements provide three critical innovations to help organizations get unprecedented situational awareness around their most critical asset: their data.

The last decade has proved that data is the lifeblood of any modern digital business. However, identifying the highest risk/highest value data across a modern data landscape has remained elusive.  Depending on the organization, that may range from crown jewel data – corporate and critical data like IP and financials; people data – including consumers, customers, and employees; and organizational data – taking into account metadata activity, context, and content.

Before BigID, organizations had to settle for a patchwork quilt of technologies from a bygone era to help find and inventory their most critical data assets:

  • Security tools that rely on pattern based classifications lack data source coverage, context or content accuracy
  • Data governance tools that rely on metadata alone similarly lack data source coverage, context or content accurate

By pioneering the category of data discovery, BigID is transforming how organizations get insight and value from their data – driving digital transformation, reducing risk, and empowering organizations of all types to proactively build sustainable data privacy, security, and governance programs.


BigID’s approach to data discovery combines the best of modern ML-based cataloging, classification, cluster analysis and correlation, becoming the first discovery platform that enabled “discovery-in-depth” with a complete situational awareness around critical crown jewel data spanning all data types, sources, or pipelines.

With BigID, companies no longer have to choose what specific data sources they want to support, and are able to accommodate privacy, security, and data governance processes (rather than having to pick just one).

BigID is the first data discovery platform that enables a complete and authoritative source of data truth that can span privacy, security, and data governance – all without copying or moving the data. That same platform accommodates all types of data across cloud architecture, legacy systems, data at rest, and data in motion – effectively covering an organization’s entire data ecosystem.

App Development Framework

With the introduction of the first of its kind App Dev Framework for Discovery, BigID ushered in a new era in extending the value from discovery and eliminating lock-in by simplifying how organizations extend the BigID platform. Customers and partners can add custom functionality to BigID to take action on discovered data for new use cases in data privacy, security and governance.

App Marketplace

The app marketplace is the third frame of the triptych, leveraging BigID’s App Framework and first of its kind Discovery-in-Depth foundation for finding and identifying sensitive data.

BigID began with a vision that data discovery tools built two decades ago for solving PCI problems were not well suited to the new privacy aware era. Discovery needed a rethink in terms of identity awareness, coverage, content and context.

By providing a true open architecture platform to help organizations get unmatched situational awareness around their most sensitive personal, client, account and IP data, we’re delivering on this vision – and evolving the way that organizations know their data, while enabling them to take action on it. For the first time, organizations can future-proof their investment in data discovery to cover current, stalled, and even future use cases in privacy, security, data governance and cloud migration.

BigID’s new App framework and marketplace now provides enterprises a way to achieve data compliance, ensure data security, and unlock data value in one future-proof platform. Learn more about the BigID App Marketplace here – or get in touch with our team of data experts to see BigID in action.