The BigID App Development Framework empowers customers and partners to get more value from their data by building custom apps for data privacy, security, and data management – all fueled by BigID’s leading data discovery foundation.

Our discovery-in-depth foundation gives customers the ability to have a single source of data truth whether for privacy, security or governance – with four discovery lenses into one platform.  Now, we’re extending that foundation with our open architecture and extensible platform – so that you can easily build custom apps, fueled by BigID’s data intelligence platform.

Customers and partners can add custom functionality to BigID to take action on discovered data for new use cases in data privacy, security and governance. With a full fledged ecosystem, community-built apps can easily and intuitively leverage BigID’s discovery-in-depth capabilities with built-in monitoring and analytics to address problem spaces in privacy, security and data governance.

The BigID Application Framework brings endless possibility and targeted benefits to customers and partners, all in one single investment: customers can create modular REST API-based add-ons which leverage the BigID Data Intelligence Platform – and get more value from existing tools with added insight and data intelligence.

The Application Development Framework simplifies how organizations can extend the BigID platform. Key features include:

  • Development support for Java, Javascript, Node.js or Python
  • API hooks for classification, cataloging, correlation, cluster analysis, scan management, reporting, workflow, alerting and more
  • UI integration for Angular or React
  • Secure deployment inside BigID’s microservices implementation
  • Access to developer portal with code samples, test apps and support

Custom apps will complement BigID’s native apps on the App Framework, which extend core functionality for data privacy, protection, and perspective – including a Privacy Portal App, Data Rights Automation App, Data Risk App, Access Intelligence App, and more.

The BigID App Development Framework is free to BigID partners and customers, who can easily add bespoke apps to their BigID implementation.  Get a custom demo to see it in action – and explore how to create custom apps for the BigID App Framework.