Data Intelligence Reporting

Automated & Informative Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics about Your Data Initiatives

Reporting APIs

Leverage BigID’s set of APIs to address your own, unique reporting needs. Pull the right data from across the platform that meets your requirements.

App & Product Dashboards

Utilize dashboards summarizing the key metrics gleaned from BigID apps. Dashboards are available out of the box and provide basic drill-down capabilities.

Core Reports

Use pre-built reports that summarize the most important insights across data security and privacy. Configure reports with the right metrics to help drive awareness and decisions.

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Utilize pre-defined reports generated automatically by BigID. Export in PDF format and send to the right people, on-demand.

Executive Risk Report

Automate an informative and actionable executive summary about your data risk posture. Drive awareness and decision-making using key insights about data at risk, holistically, and monitor risk reduction over time. Schedule the automatic delivery to the right stakeholders.

Data Insights Studio

Develop your own rich and insightful reporting and analytics about your data. Define and monitor key metrics about your data privacy, security, and governance initiatives to better understand risk. Empower users with self-service, customizable reporting. Schedule delivery and automate alerts around KPIs.

Hotspot Reporting

Identify, prioritize, and remediate your riskiest data through rich data sensitivity visualization and reporting. Automatically visualize your sensitivity hotspots – by size or by density. View hotspots across different attributes like sensitivity levels, tags, accessibility, and more. Drill down to analyze each hotspot for further analysis.

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Reporting & Analytics Done Differently

  • Proactive & Actionable Get actionable insights from your BigID data on just about anything and forecast based on historical trends to drive the right decisions.
  • Automated Reporting Automatically assemble, update, and send the correct reports to the right people at the right time to continually drive awareness.
  • Connect Across the Platform Pull critical information across privacy, security, and governance applications to enrich reporting and analytics.
  • Historical Trend Analysis Monitor and be alerted on trends, metrics, and important KPIs over time to track the progress of your privacy, security, and governance initiatives.
  • Multi-Site Reporting Aggregate data intelligence centrally for multi-site reporting to establish a single pane into the global data landscape.
  • Self-Service Empower users to customize dashboards, and reporting configured to what’s important according to your role or team.
  • Schedule Delivery Schedule dashboards to be sent automatically to the right people at the right time.
  • Flexible Options With a plethora of custom and OOB dashboards and report types, choose the best options that align with how your organization operates.