Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA)

Achieve compliance with BigID.

Efficiently protect the consumer rights of Texas residents, manage privacy requests — and achieve compliance with the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA)

What is the TDPSA?

The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (TDPSA) protects the personal information of Texas consumers and requires that all organizations handling Texas resident information take responsibility to safeguard consumer data.

The TDPSA requires that companies meet higher accountability standards and stronger provisions for data collection and processing — and account for any data that can be linked, associated, or related to Texas residents.

Ensure Compliance Today

Know Your Texas Data — All of It

Discover, manage, and catalog all of your sensitive and personal data from Texas across the enterprise — no matter how siloed.

BigID enables organizations to connect to all data in a single view, using ML to discover insights, apply context, and take action on data.

Fulfill Data Rights of Texas Residents

Quickly locate all TX consumers’ personal data to fulfill their right to access, delete, correct, and the right to opt-out of sale — within the required timeframe of receiving the data privacy request.

Manage Data Lifecycle from Retention to Deletion

Monitor the processing of sensitive and personal data from TX consumers to meet the TDPSA requirements of being adequate, relevant, and limited to what is reasonably necessary. Define and enforce data retention and legal hold rules with automated workflows.

Conduct Privacy Impacts Assessments

The TDPSA requires organizations to conduct risk assessments to measure compliance risk. BigID manages privacy risk assessments to estimate the risk associated with a data inventory to comply with TDPSA requirements.

Limit Data Access for Protection

TDPSA requires organizations to incorporate access controls to identify who has (and who should have) access to sensitive data. BigID reduces file access risk by managing access to sensitive and critical data through role-based access.

Streamline Data Breaches Requirements

If data is compromised, the TDPSA requires the organization to develop a data breach process and document breach management procedures, including breach reporting. BigID can accurately determine impacted users following a data breach and simplify incident response to meet requirements.

Fulfill TDPSA Compliance Requirements

Leverage Deep Data Classification

BigID automatically classifies the data of Texas residents via machine learning to identify context and relationships.

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Define Retention & Deletion Policies

Automate workflows to remove outdated data, tag what data to be retained, determine how long data should be kept, and delete over-retained data.

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Mitigate Risk with Data Minimization

Identify and delete duplicate, similar, and redundant data – and enable policy-driven retention management.

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Increase Data Protection

Identify high-risk information, flag data flow and access patterns, and continuously monitor access activity to reduce risk.

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Conduct Privacy Risk Assessments

Assess Texas data with privacy impact assessments (PIA) to identify potential risks.

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Manage Data Rights Request

Protect the data rights of Texas citizens – and automate end-to-end data rights fulfillment, from access to deletion.

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