Data Risk Scoring

Quantitatively measure and monitor your sensitive or critical data-at-risk.

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Customize your risk scoring

Calculate and customize risk scores for all of your data, everywhere – understand your risk posture and get actionable risk management for security, privacy, and governance.

Prioritize high risk data that matters to your organization, and integrate risk insight seamlessly across data remediation, data retention, and more.

Proactively monitor your risk score as you continue to make changes in your data environment and get alerted of major fluctuations. Pinpoint the cause of a jump in Risk Score and get recommendations on measures to take from BigID.

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Risk assessment done differently

  • Customize Your Risk Scoring Manage and assign higher risk scores to more sensitive field, vulnerable systems, or highly regulated residencies.
  • Streamline Risk Scoring Streamline risk scoring across your entire ecosystem: for consistent data management across the cloud and data centers.
  • Integrate Risk Insights Leverage risk scores within custom data policies, across your data inventory, and map risk trends over time.
  • Assign Risk Metrics Assign a risk metric to any aspect of your data - across structured and unstructured, cloud and on-prem
  • Track Trends Assess and track trends over time - and surface high priority vulnerabilities
  • Automate Responses Set up automatic triggers, notification, and actions based on risk scores and activity on high risk findings

Quantitatively measure and monitor your sensitive or critical data-at-risk with BigID.

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