Breach Data Investigation

Accurately determine impacted users following a data breach and simplify incident response

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Scope a breach to lessen the impact

Quickly and accurately understand whose data was impacted by a data incident – due to loss, breach, theft or misuse. Identify sensitive, critical, and personal data of the impacted users and their residency to determine the accurate response plan.

Respond to a data breach to minimize the reputational, financial, and legal impact. Avoid noncompliance fees and other costly liabilities by meeting regulatory requirements and accelerating investigative response.

Protect customers, employees and your business by ensuring your organization is compliant with data breach reporting requirements for all geographic areas in which you operate in. Meet breach notification timeline requirements by generating timely reports for regulators and auditors while notifying impacted individuals.

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Breach investigation done differently

  • Investigate a Breach Identify impacted individuals by comparing an exposed dataset to your own data sources any identify potential matches.
  • Identify Impacted Individuals Understand the individuals and scope of their personal data have been exposed in a potential breach
  • Meet Compliance Mandates Streamline data breach notification responses faster, more accurately, and at scale
  • Proactively Notify Affected Users Identify individuals to notify after an incident leveraging BigID's data mapping and inventory. Communicate and generate reports about personal data exposure for regulators and auditors according to legal and reporting timelines.
  • Assess Breach Exposure Risk Map customer identities to their personal data wherever it resides and get a granular view into breach exposure risk. By knowing personal data with detail, pinpoint which users are the most at risk when data breaches occur.
  • Centralized Reporting Analyze and investigate potential breaches through a centralized, easy to use interface.
  • Connect Across the Platform Kickoff remediation workflows across the platform to help further mitigate the impact of a breach.
  • Single Source of Truth Understand your data by sensitivity, criticality, policy, priority, data sources, and more through a single data asset inventory.

Reduce incident response time on data breaches with BigID.

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