2019: Global Privacy Gets Personal

2018 was a watershed year for privacy. The passage of the EU GDPR ushered in a new era in which data privacy became a first-order data security and governance problem warranting corporate attention and investment. This is not to say that the profession of privacy began last year. Quite the opposite.  Regulations covering privacy protection … Continued

Consent Governance: Moving From Process to Purpose via Data Intelligence

As the dust clears since the EU GDPR came into effect, and most companies come to terms with managing their consent collection processes, many are increasingly finding themselves struggling with how to transition those consent agreements into a practical control for application processing and data holders. Much of the focus around consent has been on … Continued

Rethinking Data Classification For The New Era of Privacy

It’s rare to spot a flip phone these days when smartphones are practically ubiquitous.  Yet, in the realm of data security, where precision and context are critical, too many are still using flip phone technology to discover, understand and classify personal data. In the flip phone era, classification was intended as a means to an … Continued

Survey or Scan? Can You Achieve Data Privacy Without Accurate Data Knowledge?

Generating a data map and inventorying personal data for data knowledge are at the top of the to-do list for companies aiming to meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Data knowledge is essential for verifying compliant data collection and processing.  Some vendors promise to make privacy compliance easier by streamlining email survey-taking … Continued

Big is the new Cool: BigID Named a Gartner 2018 Cool Vendor for Privacy Management

Following on the heels of our recognition as the winner of the RSAC Innovation Sandbox, we are doubly thrilled that BigID has been selected by leading analyst Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the firm’s inaugural report focusing on innovative and impactful vendors in the Privacy Management market. BigID was founded and developed based on … Continued

The Case for Data-Driven Data Mapping

The best way to know your customer is to know their data. Every year organizations collect exponentially more personal information on their customers and clients but often lack even basic accounting for the information ingested, processed or disposed. For most organizations personal data underpins their relationship with their customers. Preserving the trust of those customers … Continued

Privacy Babel: Making Sense of Global Privacy Regulations

In the world of data privacy, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation has grabbed all the headlines. As much of a landmark piece of legislation the EU GDPR is for any company or organization that stores or processes EU citizen data, it’s by no means the only one that global organizations must now navigate. … Continued

Identifying Identity Data: Will You Know It If You See It?

What might have been in the past a clear and binary answer to the question of what constitutes personally identifiable information (PII) will soon become more complex and intricate. Certainly, a data set that explicitly identifies a specific individual and relates their personal details remains definitively PII. However, the definition of what could or might … Continued