BigID is the Only DSPM Platform with Bi-Directional Integration at Both the Data and Workflow Levels with ServiceNow

Security Operations, Data Governance and Compliance teams’ responsibilities often intersect, but many times they operate independently and with disparate tool sets. In this scenario, how are security vulnerabilities prioritized? Is the value of the exposed data considered? Are proper access controls deployed to limit exposure to sensitive information? How accurately can breach impacts be assessed and how quickly can downstream regulatory compliance needs be met?

Forget the swivel-chair routine! BigID’s seamless integrations with ServiceNow eliminate data silos and fragmented workflows across Security, Governance, and Compliance teams. Our deep integrations ensure full data context is embedded within processes, systems, and user experiences. Data owners, data assets, and their sensitivity classifications are kept in perfect sync.

By leveraging ServiceNow’s industry-leading workflows and BigID’s comprehensive Data Security Posture Management capabilities, organizations unlock a wealth of efficiencies. Critical tasks take center stage, allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives while minimizing unnecessary busywork.

See BigID & ServiceNow in Action

Unified​ ​IT​ ​+​ ​Data​ ​Asset​ ​View​ ​with​ ​BigID​ ​ServiceNow​ ​CMDB​ ​Data​ ​Integration

BigID goes beyond simply scanning and classifying sensitive data across enterprise data assets. As the only DSPM provider with a Service Graph Connector, we enrich the CMDB with this data context, making it accessible from within the NOW Platform, providing a single source of truth for both the IT assets and their related data context. Empower data-driven workflows with BigID’s exclusive metadata exchange.

  • Be confident that your data asset inventory is complete and that related data risk sensitivities are automatically and proactively identified
  • Ensure appropriate Governance policies are applied to the most sensitive data assets
  • Inform Compliance teams of the scope and scale of a breach – including data residency – for timely regulatory reporting


360​ ​Risk​ ​Posture​ ​Awareness​ ​with​ ​BigID​ ​DSPM​ ​&​ ​ServiceNow​ ​Security Posture​ ​Control​

Identify security risks and issues before they become incidents. Enhance risk scoring to include the sensitivity and the data accessibility of users and end points. BigID provides ServiceNow Security Posture Control with an additional dimension of security risk assessment, extending the asset vulnerabilities to their associated data risks.

  • Define vulnerabilities based on both asset exposures as well as data risks
  • Proactively remediate exposures to prevent threat actors from gaining access
  • Prioritize breach response with intelligent data awareness, knowing what data was impacted
Identify security risks and issues before they become incidents.

Deliver Data-Intelligent and fully automated Integrated Risk Management

Action your exposures and issues before they become incidents. Ensure that violations of data policies translate into comprehensive workflows to proactively address the violations.

  • With BigID’s Action Center, enjoy set-and-forget automated ServiceNow IRM ticket creation, based upon pre-set policies within the BigID platform.
  • Leverage BigID’s Security Posture app to provide ServiceNow IRM with the full context – asset, policy, findings, location, etc. – of policy violations.
  • Automate Privacy workflows with integrated data intelligence
Actionable insights. BigID helps you turn policy violations into automated workflows.

Automate Advanced Security for ServiceNow Platform Data

Drive anonymization, encryption and other advanced security features of ServiceNow Vault leveraging scan results identified by BigID.

  • Automate the process of defining data sensitivity tags within the NOW Platform
  • Lock down critical PI, PII, PCI, PHI and other crown-jewel data, limiting access and visibility to those with a true need
Automate the process of defining data sensitivity tags within the NOW Platform

With the right platforms, it is possible to drive a harmonious workflow connecting Security, Compliance and Governance in an automated fashion. Combining BigID’s industry-exclusive integrations with ServiceNow’s comprehensive workflows provides the data context and automation to effectively bridge between functions, proactively address exposures and accelerate response to breaches.

BigID’s Data Security Platform Management (DSPM) capabilities not only help identify what data exists, where it resides, who has access to it, and its security posture, but also automatically populates ServiceNow with these findings and creates tickets within ServiceNow to drive remediation actions.

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