Knowing your data with context is a prerequisite to a strong data security strategy, encompassing tasks like managing, organizing, inventorying, classifying, and labeling data while ensuring data quality. To protect critical data effectively, security teams require complete visibility and understanding of their data assets, which relies on an updated and comprehensive data inventory.

However, outdated tools hinder organizations from obtaining a complete data view. These manual tools lack advanced discovery and classification capabilities and struggle to scale in expanding cloud environments. Consequently, organizations are left with fragmented perspectives, lacking the context to identify data requiring protection.

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BigID Generative AI: How Does it Work?

BigID’s new, industry–first, AI capabilities are designed to revolutionize data management and protection. It’s driven by BigID’s proprietary generative AI model that enhances your ability to discover, explore, and inventory sensitive data. Better target remediation efforts and reduce exposure, transforming the way you perceive and safeguard your data.

Get Better Data Clarity

Data discovery, exploration, and inventory are a precursor to a more informed data security strategy. BigID’s Data Catalog allows you to explore your data by type, sensitivity, regulation, location, residency, redundancy, duplication, metadata, label, and more. With our new generative AI, automatically give your data tables friendly names within the Catalog, making them easier to understand. Turn complex, jargony acronyms and abbreviations within table names and transform them into names that actually make sense, giving your data clarity a big boost. Provide tables with business terms so that users can automatically get the business meaning of the table.

When you index these friendly names or business terms you can aggregate similar results that were once labeled with different abbreviations or variations. Let’s say you had data column headers across two different data sources labeled “SSNs” and the other “SOCIAL SECURITY #”. By indexing them with a friendly name like “Social Security,” you can group all that related data together under one unified name, regardless if they had different labels before. This is a game-changer when exploring your data – confidently organize and search the Catalog using a more meaningful name to identify all the high-value, sensitive data you need to protect – not just fragments of your data.

Accelerate Your Data Security Program

Intelligently Organize Your Data

Our generative AI also promotes better document clustering. Document clustering allows you to quickly group similar documents containing similar information together, tremendously improving the way you inventory your data while helping you make better, smarter security decisions. BigID automatically carries out this clustering, or grouping, by analyzing the documents inside and identifying similarities based on classification and context. Our generative AI model gives each cluster a friendly (natural language) name and also provides a concise, but comprehensive summary about what’s inside. These cluster titles are generated based on the documents they contain, making indexing and searching through metadata much easier. Search for clusters using the names that our generative AI creates, adding a whole new level of organization to your data inventory and security strategy.

Our generative AI-based document clustering boosts your productivity and efficiency, especially when you’re dealing with massive amounts of data and documents as your data environment continues to grow and evolve. From a security standpoint, our generative AI lets you better pinpoint and prioritize your remediation efforts on your most critical data first.

Better Target Risk Reduction

Elevating insights into your data allows you to better understand potential data risks and vulnerabilities, and in turn, allows you to act accordingly. Our new generative AI, along with all other AI and ML advancements we’ve delivered to our customers across our platform, helps illuminate, automate, and accelerate data security posture management (DSPM) and risk reduction workflows. Generate risk posture assessments, pinpoint your biggest data risks, and get recommended actions based on the data itself – faster than ever before.

Govern Large Language Models (LLMs) Securely

Mitigating AI deployment risks, especially with large language models (LLMs), is crucial today. BigID can flag, tag, and label LLM data for safety. This prevents training on personal, sensitive, regulated, or private info, reducing ethical, legal, and security concerns. Flagging identifies data with sensitive content like names, addresses, etc. Tagging categorizes flagged data (e.g., medical, financial). Labeling marks data as “safe” or “unsafe” based on assessment. BigID can help prevent the accidental inclusion of sensitive data in LLM training, addressing ethical issues, privacy breaches, and biases – while ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR.

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