Data Access Intelligence

Identify open and over-privileged data access across data center and cloud

Access Intelligence

BigID’s access intelligence dashboard highlights data at risk at-a-glance, uncovering overexposed data and prioritizes remediation efforts to secure sensitive data wherever it lives. BigID customers can easily find over-permissioned and open access files everywhere – from shared folders to S3 buckets – to minimize the risk of data leaks and data breaches.


Integrate Data Intelligence With Access Intelligence

Deliver consolidated view of which personal information data objects have open access


Reduce Data Access Risk

Enable security teams to easily identify privacy risk via an Access Intelligence Dashboard


Protect Personal Information

Maintain proactive programs to identify and protect sensitive data with open access


Find Overexposed Data Across The Cloud And Data Center

Extend access intelligence across cloud storage, file servers, and structured data sources


Manage Privacy Risk

Deliver up-to-date insights on open access for security teams responsible for privacy protection