Know Your Data in MongoDB

Scan, map, and inventory sensitive data at scale in MongoDB

How MongoDB and BigID Work Together

BigID automatically finds, identifies, and classifies personal and sensitive data stored in MongoDB: a highly scalable, flexible, schema-less database popular for its rich querying performance, auto-sharding capability, exceptional user support, and fast in-place updates — great for frequent-update use cases.

BigID leverages an agentless connector to quickly discover, classify, and manage data stored in MongoDB. The scan gives you configuration and timeout options so you can minimize resources and storage for fast, efficient, and reliable data discovery.

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Benefits of MongoDB


Simple and Scalable

Simple to set up, install, and use. Scales and replicates easily, requiring no complex joins or mappings.



Goes to work straight out of the box, requiring no design time. The only schema is the code you write.


Powerful Storage

Uses JSON format to store data, making array and object storage straightforward.



Stores objects and files within internal memory for quicker access to data. Speeds up performance with in-place updates.


Dynamic Querying

Can index on any attribute. Contains a document query language simpler than SQL. Enables dynamic querying and supports rich queries.



Easily distributes large data sets across multiple machines using a technique known as auto-sharding, saving you time and resources.

About MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source, document-based database management tool. MongoDB stores data in BSON, a binary flavor of JSON. Highly scalable and flexible, MongoDB is a distributed NoSQL database. Featuring a basic data set consisting of key-value pairs, MongoDB’s architecture is built on collections and documents. These can contain a variety of fields and structures.

MongoDB follows a highly elastic data model that lets you combine and store information of many different types. With MongoDB, you have access to powerful indexing options and a rich set of validation rules. Dynamically modifying the database’s schemas requires no downtime, so MongoDB allows you to concentrate on putting your data to work.

Over 3,000 businesses deploy MongoDB globally. Big names include ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft, consulting giant Accenture, task management platform Trello, and labor exchange company Fiverr.

Benchmark studies show MongoDB consistently outperforming competing NoSQL DBs. MongoDB’s throughput and latency across configurations routinely achieve notably high marks. Designed for high availability, MongoDB maximizes uptime.