Structuring, Unstructured Data Discovery & Mapping

Many of us have heard that data is the new oil, because it powers modern digital commerce. But the analogy isn’t limited to the idea that data fuels the information economy. Like oil, data is also fluid: it can seep and flow into almost any reservoir or store. It can easily be “mined” (collected or … Continued

Always On – The New Era of Continuous Privacy Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is only months away, and more organizations are beginning to contemplate what they need to do for compliance. Many will begin their efforts with survey based Privacy Impact Assessments, because for many privacy professionals that is what they are most familiar with. However, as the “DP” in GDPR will … Continued

Seeing Is Believing: Better Data Compliance Through Smarter Data Visualization

Data is at the heart of the modern digital business. It defines how users engage and interact with a business. Understanding and analyzing customer content is, of course, not a new pursuit. The whole field of Big Data is a response to the need to better understand and anticipate customer behaviors by understanding the digital … Continued

Operationalizing Privacy-by-Design: The Case for Data-driven GDPR Compliance

On June 22, 2018 at 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST, in conjunction with guests from IBM, DLA Piper, the EU Commission, and the French regulator CNIL, BigID will be hosting an online discussion of how technology can help automate GDPR compliance ( As we approach the May 25th, 2018 GDPR enforcement date, many … Continued

Privacy Babel: Making Sense of Global Privacy Regulations

In the world of data privacy, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation has grabbed all the headlines. As much of a landmark piece of legislation the EU GDPR is for any company or organization that stores or processes EU citizen data, it’s by no means the only one that global organizations must now navigate. … Continued