Your data footprint is growing faster than ever as your dependency on the cloud and SaaS scales. Organizations are creating, processing, and storing operational and corporate data in immense quantities and varieties – much of it sensitive and personal like SSNs, CCs, home addresses, and health records.

What’s growing as fast, or if not faster? Data privacy regulations and cyber security compliance mandates. Most organizations we talk to today struggle to keep up with the latest regulations or compliance frameworks. But what’s more alarming is their inability to execute these objectives because they lack complete visibility and control across their data environment. Meeting your data security and privacy goals begins with knowing what you have – comprehensively and in-depth.

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Identity-Aware AI

We recently announced a groundbreaking achievement by landing a patent leveraging “identity-aware” artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle data privacy and security initiatives. The patent, titled “Machine Learning System and Methods for Determining Confidence Levels of Personal Information Findings,” marks a significant leap in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in identifying both direct (PII) and indirect (PI) personal information across the data environment. This patent allows us to stitch together an identity map of sensitive, personal data for an individual, or entity, across a variety of data sets – whether it’s the cloud or on-prem – and data types – structured, unstructured, semi-structured.

Our patented identity intelligence technology makes it easy to accurately discover, contextualize, and categorize sensitive personal data at the enterprise scale – connecting related data, identifying who personal data belongs to (like a customer ID or a birth date), and connects the dots. This technology is underpinned by two pivotal components that serve as the backbone of its efficacy – classification and correlation.

BigID provides organizations with comprehensive discovery and precise pinpointing of personal data across a diverse array of data sources—be it structured, semi-structured, or particularly challenging unstructured data to get complete coverage. With BigID, organizations can easily identify personal data across complex formats like emails, texts, and PDFs, addressing a task that can often be daunting.

Beyond the essential aspect of discovering and classifying personal data, the true power lies in intelligently connecting the dots. BigID’s patented technology not only identifies personal data but goes a step further by offering automatic correlation, linking personal data to specific individuals or privacy data subjects. BigID excels in discerning patterns, relationships, and context. It’s not merely about identifying isolated data points; it’s about understanding the intricate connections between them.

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The Importance of Incorporating AI for Data Protection

Automate & Accelerate Privacy Operations

BigID’s identity intelligence patent plays a pivotal role in automating GDPR/CPRA data subject access and deletion fulfillment in privacy operations. With this patented capability, organizations can fulfill data rights requests more granularly: not just returning a name or a social security number, but including all data relating to a person that’s relevant – even data that’s typically more difficult to connect to an identity. This empowers organizations to streamline and enhance their privacy compliance processes.

Mitigate the Impact Crater of a Breach

Customers can easily determine what and whose data was impacted in a data breach. This capabilitiy contributes to efficient breach response and strengthens overall data security posture.

Maintain Compliance & Data Sovereignty

BigID’s AI-enabled identity intelligence patent assists in detecting data sovereignty and cross-border violations based on a subject’s residency. This capability is crucial in complying with international data protection regulations.

What Can You Do With It?

GDPR / CPRA Compliance

Automate responses to data subject access and deletion requests, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CPRA.

Data Sovereignty Violations

Identify and address data sovereignty violations, ensuring adherence to regulations related to data residency.

Post-Breach Analysis

In the aftermath of a data breach, accurately determine the impact on data and who’s affected for a swift and effective response.

Exact Value Matching at Scale

Enable accurate exact value matching at scale when dealing with vast amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the technology.

Identity Profile Discrepancy Resolution

BigID’s identity intelligence resolves discrepancies in identity profiles, providing a more accurate and cohesive understanding of individuals’ data.

Data Risk Measurement

Measure data risk posture by analyzing critical PII and compound PI, contributing to Data Security Posture Management (DSPM).

Maintain Identity Data Maps

Generate a virtual master identity record from distributed identity data fragments, centralizing and organizing fragmented data.

Govern Generative AI Training Data

Ensure the safe use of generative AI training data by identifying both PII and combinations of PI, and taking the necessary actions to remediate this type of data.

Bias Detection in Unstructured Training Data

Flag potential bias in unstructured training data for generative AI, contributing to the ethical use of AI technologies.

identity-aware AI is a step forward for organizations in addressing evolving data security and privacy regulations and compliance.

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