Cloud security just got an AI boost! BigID, the pioneer in AI-augmented data security, compliance, and privacy for modern cloud-first enterprises, announced its acceptance into NVIDIA Inception. NVIDIA Inception is a program designed to nurture startups and emerging companies revolutionizing industries through advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). BigID’s inclusion in the program signifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation and leveraging leading Large Language Model (LLM) for security, privacy, governance and compliance advancements.

NVIDIA Inception Program

BigID’s proven track record of leveraging AI and machine learning for data discovery and classification will be further strengthened through its participation in NVIDIA Inception. The program offers BigID’s data science team valuable opportunities for collaboration with industry experts and other AI-driven organizations within the NVIDIA ecosystem. BigID is known for its responsible use of AI and the program will enable BigID to lead the market with AI-driven data management while providing its customers with the most robust and secure deep learning solutions.

As an Inception member, BigID will benefit from a multitude of resources, including participation in the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (NDLI), access to NVIDIA hardware and software for development and deployment, and ongoing technological assistance. These benefits will be instrumental in propelling BigID’s continued leadership in AI-powered data security, privacy, and governance solutions for cloud-first organizations.

Strengthening AI-Powered Data Security, Privacy, & Governance

BigID is known for its ability to push the boundaries of automatic data classification and management. Accordingly, the inclusion will further strengthen BigID’s use of AI, including Large Language Models (LLMs), to provide customers with unique insights on their data and help them secure and manage sensitive information.

The cutting edge AI technologies will be used to automatically manage enterprise-scale data environments that are impossible to manage manually, reducing the load from labellers while dramatically decreasing human error. Furthermore, the program will allow BigID to integrate these advanced technologies with its patented clustering algorithm. This integration will provide reliable insights into complex data environments at unprecedented speed and scale the organizations require.

These enhanced data insights will enable organizations to effectively improve security posture, streamline remediation, ensure compliance, shrink the attack surface, and ultimately reduce data risk. With the latest developments in AI, BigID will continue to help organizations achieve comprehensive data visibility and control, facilitating quick insights and enabling prompt actions anywhere data lives – across the cloud or on-prem.

The world of AI is rapidly evolving, and BigID is committed to integrating the most effective forms of AI into our solutions,” said Yehoshua Enuka, VP and Head of Data Science at BigID. “By aligning with industry leaders like NVIDIA, we can ensure our extensive customer base has access to the most advanced technologies for data security and privacy management.

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