Satisfy Subject Rights to Access, Port and Delete Their Data

Respond To Subject Access Requests from Consumers, Employees or Government Without Disrupting IT or Manual Effort.

BigID automatically inventories customer or employee data as part of its discovery  process with no data duplication. Subject data stays where it is, while BigID creates a centralized view into a subject’s data index and API access to it.

Structured & UnstructuredStructured & Unstructured

Inventory an individual’s data across Big and small data across diverse data stores.

Cloud & On-PremCloud & On-prem

Map data in the data center and Cloud.

Accurately ProfileAccurately Profile

Don’t confuse user profiles. Accurately distinguish similar data profiles.

Natural Language SearchNatural Language Search

Find an individual or group through search and report that can be operated by non-technical groups in legal or data records teams.