BigID & Tableau

Extend specialized reporting and gain deeper insight in Tableau

How Tableau and BigID Work Together

BigID’s partnership with Tableau has several dimensions: Tableau can be used to extend BigID’s native reporting, giving Tableau license holders additional insight and visualization into the data BigID discovers and surfaces.

Using Tableau, customers can additionally target specialized reporting for different stakeholders and remix BigID’s findings with data from other sources for deeper data intelligence.

BigID is also finalizing work designed to identify sensitive data inside Tableau so that Tableau customers can identify privacy risk and ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance for data stored inside Tableau.

Technical Benefits

  • Enhanced visualizations of BigID’s native data
  • Panoramic view from multiple BigID discovery vantage points
  • Advanced data insights and programmable overlay analytical logic
  • Blended BigID visualizations with other enterprise systems

Business Benefits

  • Specialized line of business reporting
  • Proactive alerting on customized data conditions
  • Automated pushing of reports by subscription
  • Storyboarding sequenced visualizations to convey a compelling data narrative
  • Enhanced business intelligence and decision-making
  • Easy collaboration between data producers and consumers