Tableau + BigID

Identify High-Value and Sensitive Data in Tableau

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Metadata Exchange

Enhance Tableau Server metadata with BigID’s discovery-in-depth insights to quickly identify high-value data. Automate data quality and profiling to select the most relevant datasets effectively for any analysis. Proactively manage risk of sensitive data inside Tableau based on security and privacy regulations and business rules.

Out-of-the-box Tableau Dashboards

Select from a variety of OOTB Tableau dashboards to get the most relevant summary for your unique privacy, security, and governance challenges. Connect directly to BigID and find instant answers with visual analytics of your sensitive, high-value, critical, and regulated data. Target specialized reporting for different stakeholders and remix BigID’s findings with data from other sources for deeper data intelligence.

Tableau Connector

Use the Tableau connector to get visibility of all your sensitive data residing in Tableau. Quickly and easily connect to Tableau to start automated scanning, continue populating your BigID data catalog, and get a single data catalog for all your data, everywhere.

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Benefits of Tableau + BigID

  • Gain Deep Data Knowledge

    Harness the power of ML and automation for deep data insights and relationships across your enterprise data and all types of data – structured and unstructured, on-prem and in the cloud — all in a unified interface.

  • Add Context to Data Understanding

    Select data you can trust with additional context that layers technical, business, and operational metadata. BigID’s metadata exchange enhances metadata catalogs, adding unique insight from classification, correlation, and cluster analysis.

  • Find the Best Datasets

    Quickly identify and inject the highest quality data into your analysis and models to make better decisions. With relevant data quality scores and tailored ML-based recommendations, monitor your data’s consistency, accuracy, completeness, and validity across all your datasets.

  • Manage Data Risk

    Get deep insight for data management at scale and proactively notify and protect your high-value data. Get warnings and notifications of sensitive information, discover ungoverned assets, and identify open access to vulnerable data.

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