Privitar & BigID

Automated risk mitigation for privacy-aware data pipelines

Privitar Integration with BigID

Bringing the BigID capabilities for discovery, classification and data preparation together with Privitar’s innovative combination of data privacy capabilities delivers a streamlined solution to address privacy governance challenges and provide enterprise-wide access to valuable privacy-enhanced data. 


Accurate data insights at scale for innovation

Create highly-performant, scalable & privacy-aware data pipelines through integration of BigID automated discovery and data classification with Privitar policies & de-identification 



Accelerate time to insight

Leverage BigID’s data discovery and metadata to compress project timelines for data mapping & preparation, and automate safe data provision based on data-driven policy enforcement 



De-risk cloud data lake migration

Identify, manage and protect sensitive data moving to and from cloud data lakes through real-time orchestration of BigID data privacy insights at rest and in motion with Privitar’s Data Privacy Platform