BigID and Docker

Best-of-suite data intelligence, deployed as a single package

Running BigID with Docker Containers

BigID positions Docker containers and microservices at the epicenter of its architecture. Docker packages the BigID application and its dependencies in a lightweight, virtual container that can run on any Linux server.

BigID developed its platform in Docker, and Docker supports running the BigID application in single or dual server modes, also supporting additional scanner nodes. Log into Docker, set your environment variables, and initialize. Run the scanner, and you’re ready to go!

Technical Benefits

  • Friendly CLI-based workflow makes building, sharing, and running containerized applications accessible to developers
  • Installation from a single package gets your system up and running quickly
  • Cloud-based application registry makes pushing builds and collaboration among teams fast and simple
  • All containerized apps share a single common OS, compartmentalized from one another

Business Benefits

  • Reduce memory requirements
  • Lower IT spending
  • Easily scale and update
  • Build microservices in a lightweight environment