ServiceNow Data Exchange App

Get BigID Data Findings Into
ServiceNow CMDB for APM and GRC

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Automation and Insight

  • Enriched Data Views

    Leverage BigID’s data classification and catalog findings directly into ServiceNow CMDB – and gain visibility into the business impact of risk, security, and privacy directly in ServiceNow

  • Automated Inventory

    Automatically update your data asset inventory, reconcile sensitive data inventories, and synchronize data classification

  • Actionable Data Intelligence

    Push privacy and risk metadata into ServiceNow CMDB to power APM and GRC, and gain added visibility and insight

  • Bridge the Gap

    Bridge operations, security, and governance. Manage risk and compliance, and prioritize alerts or incidents based on risk.

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BigID and ServiceNow

Get automation and insight with the BigID Data Exchange App for ServiceNow. Automatically reconcile what’s scanned vs what’s inventoried, synchronize classification and risk insight, and integrate BigID workflows with ServiceNow case management.

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Automate Information Asset Tracking

Automatically discover schemas and information objects – update Cis and relationships to ServiceNow. Automatically reconcile what’s scanned vs what’s inventoried, and update classification in ServiceNow based on automated inventory

Manage Risk and Compliance

Identify objects and entities with classification tags – and apply object-specific controls for compliance and risk mitigation.

End-to-End Data Lifecycle

Automate data source onboarding and data discovery for ServiceNow, and enrich ServiceNow with privacy and risk metadata for added visibility and insight.