BigID & Alation App

Enhance Alation Data Catalog with BigID Data Risk Mitigation

Privacy-Aware Data Culture

  • Increase Coverage

    Automate scanning, classification and tagging and add unstructured data to Alation Data Catalog for a complete view of your data ecosystem in any format or data source.

  • Identify Sensitive Data

    Discover and tag sensitive information to know what data needs to be protected and where it is, to empower data users in Alation with a view of sensitive, personal, and critical data.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Define data policies and regulations in BigID and automatically tag the affected data in Alation to surface usage constraints by policy, mitigating reputational and financial risk

  • Amplify Stewardship

    Apply AI and ML to automatically classify data in BigID and populate the Alation data catalog with attributes and tags to add fast and accurate data context.

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BigID and Alation Data Catalog

Alation’s Data Catalog + BigID’s Discovery-in-Depth provides a single governance interface across all datasets with consistent and automated tagging of findings and comprehensive policy and privacy awareness.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Automatically identify personal or sensitive information across the enterprise and notify Alation users through warnings and tags on Catalog Pages.

Classification at Scale

Apply ML to expedite classification and tagging for context as BigID automatically scans, classifies and tags data for use faster than any manual information stewardship process.

Compliance and Data Science

Remediate risk for data analysts and data scientists working in Alation to see data affected by privacy policies at the point of analysis in Compose.

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