Classify and Catalog Sensitive and Personal Data in AWS

Privacy, Protection, and Perspective for AWS


To effectively utilize cloud services in the privacy era, enterprises must be able to understand how to tackle compliance and ethical concerns before they move data to the cloud – whether to benefit from cost advantages or advanced analytics capabilities – and to automate protection, governance and reporting processes for personal data stored and processed in their cloud services.

AWS delivers the tools to ensure visibility and control at scale for cloud services. Likewise, enterprises need to be able to understand at scale whose data they have, where the data is, and what data they need to protect, wherever the data resides to realize the value of visibility and control while protecting privacy.

Address CCPA and GDPR Data Access Rights

BigID enables enterprises to balance privacy compliance requirements with the cloud benefits of cost, scalability, and functionality as well as stage migration and appropriately manage, secure and monitor personal information (PI) in the cloud. Enterprises can automate fulfillment of privacy mandate requirements for GDPR and CCPA including subject rights requests and data flow mapping without copying or duplicating data.

Enable Privacy Aware Data Lakes

Because BigID scans, discovers and classifies personal information across the enterprise data landscape, including big data, unstructured and structured data sources, enterprises can enable privacy-aware data governance when building cloud data lakes. BigID also provides the capability to parameterize consent to specific attributes to inform access policies and trigger alerts.

Built to Deliver Privacy Intelligence and Support AWS

BigID is deployed by AWS customers to address data privacy protection mandates for their cloud deployments through ongoing discovery, data mapping and indexing via ML & correlation, operationalizing of personal data rights at scale, with support for Athena, Aurora, S3, DynamoDB, HIVE on AWS, EMR, RDS, RedShift.

BigID’s centralized visibility and intelligence into personal data – enabling proactive compliance for data in AWS, and across the enterprise data estate via ongoing scans and policy checks.

AWS Security Hub Integration

BigID’s integration with the AWS Security Hub seamlessly populates events into the Console generated by BigID’s ongoing policy-driven monitoring of personal data processing across AWS services. The integration enables customers to extend their existing Security Hub investments and its workflow capabilities to proactively address emerging data privacy compliance requirements.

With the ability to tie privacy compliance findings to custom remediation workflows remediation actions built on Security Hub’s extensive integration into enterprise tools like ticketing, case management, and Security Orchestration Automation Response, analysts and security teams can more effectively operationalize privacy compliance and proactively manage policy violations.


PI Governance

Extend data governance with consent correlation, residency tags and sensitivity risk insights


Enable Compliant Cloud Migration

Align policies and controls with data insights when migrating or moving workloads


Find And Map Personal Information

Support for PI discovery and correlation across a broad range of AWS services


Automate Privacy Compliance

Fulfill Data subject access requests automatically through AI-driven PI indexing across data lakes, S3 buckets and big data


Manage Access Risk

Highlight data sources (including S3 buckets) storing PI with open access permissions via Access Governance Dashboard