Historically, data discovery was always regarded as an afterthought in data protection. Priority was placed on transformation on interdiction. Discovery was the tail, not the dog. New privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR, however, place new emphasis on knowing your data.

Previously, privacy regulations required that organizations account for the data they collect, process and share on individuals. CCPA and GDPR placed individual data rights at their center forcing companies to know not just what data they have, but whose data they have.

As a result, BigID pioneered the technology to allow companies to account for the data they collect, process and share on individuals. BigID remains the only company that can identify contextual PI and not just PII, correlate data back to identity, and also look across any data source or pipeline in the data center or cloud.

The result is the first and only solution that can effectively deliver on the privacy promise of individual data rights.

By identifying sensitive and personal data, BigID offers organizations and the individuals they serve another critical benefit: data protection. It’s a truism that you can’t protect what you can’t find.

Undiscovered data is not invisible; it’s just dark data – and vulnerable. Traditional approaches like classification or cataloging alone lack the detail, context or data source coverage to identify all sensitive data, everywhere.

BigID rethinks data discovery for privacy – and in so doing remade how organizations go about protecting their most important assets: their customer and client data.