Consent Governance: Moving From Process to Purpose via Data Intelligence

As the dust clears since the EU GDPR came into effect, and most companies come to terms with managing their consent collection processes, many are increasingly finding themselves struggling with how to transition those consent agreements into a practical control for application processing and data holders. Much of the focus around consent has been on … Continued

Why Is GDPR Not Compliance As Usual for the Financial Services Sector?

For the financial services sector, few things are new under the regulatory sun.  While the acronym has barely left the lips of privacy and information security professionals outside of financial services for at least six months (and potentially longer), GDPR joins dozens if not hundreds of existing regulations that IT and information security teams at … Continued

Right-to-be-Forgotten & The New Era of Personal Data Rights

On May 25th 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in Europe to help harmonize personal privacy rights across all 28 EU member states. While individual countries can maintain their own privacy laws and impose additional penalties, GDPR establishes a common baseline of protections for citizens (and residents) of the EU and … Continued

Meeting GDPR Data Subject Rights Through Automation

Some of the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy requirements can seem daunting at first blush to a company that is subject to them. Unlike SOX for example which prescribes the use of controls for data access without detailing specifics, GDPR enshrines very specific rights to EU citizens around their data which places … Continued

5 Reasons Why Personal Data Protection Needs Identity

Data protection tools function with virtually no context of whose data they presumably protect. Discovery and protection of sensitive, confidential and regulated data has been at the top of almost every CISO’s to do list for the past 10 years. In response, the IT security industry has developed a range of solutions to help discover … Continued