Part of BigID’s original innovation was the ability to identify contextual personal information (PI) and to correlate it to a person no matter the data source. As BigID expanded the variety and sophistication of its data discovery and intelligence capability, it became evident that a larger opportunity existed to protect any sensitive and privileged data.

Personal data has increasingly become one of the highest liability types of data a company can collect and process. When it comes to value or sensitivity, however, personal data is not alone.

Intellectual property, account details, health data, credentials, transaction histories can all be inherently both valuable and high risk. That’s why BigID has introduced more ways for companies to define what is important and privileged to them along with moreways to identify that data across unstructured, structured, noSQL, cloud, mainframe and more.

With BigID, companies can define what is high risk and high value in more kinds of ways, while providing more ways to identify and action it.