Whether SaaS or IaaS, every enterprise has embarked on one cloud initiative or another. Most enterprises, however, still have data locked inside the data center in different databases, files shares, mainframes, warehouses, lakes and applications.

BigID helps organizations take stock of what data they collect and process anywhere – in the data center or cloud. With BigID, organizations can inventory and profile their data down to the data element. They can understand what type of data they keep, where it goes, who the data belongs to, who has access to it and why they have it. They can even determine what data is duplicate and what data is similar. This detailed data knowledge is invaluable in helping organizations execute on their data privacy, protection and governance strategies in both the data center and cloud. Moreover, BigID can run across hybrid and multi-cloud environments natively making operation modern and simple.

For companies evolving to the cloud, BigID helps in several ways.

Firstly BigID is unique in the marketplace in providing out-of-the-box support for most SaaS and IaaS sources today. BigID has the unique ability to scan popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, Dynamics, Box, O365, GDrive, Outlook, Gmail and many more. BigID also offers the broadest coverage of anyone in AWS, GCP and Azure spanning S3, Dynamo, Redshift, EMR, RDS, Aurora, Athena, Kinesis, File, Blob, Cosmos, SQL, Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, Spanner, BigTable and more. Moreover BigID is unique in being able to scan these data sources at a classification, catalog, cluster analysis and correlation level.

Additionally, BigID can help ease migration to the cloud from the data center. Given the desire to remove risk and cost when shifting data from a private CapEx infrastructure to a public OpEx one, enterprises need to first identify what data should be moved. This requires an ability to accurately identify personal and sensitive data as well as determining if data is duplicate, redundant or highly similar.

BigID is alone among data discovery solutions that can identify high risk data at scale across structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data so that it can first be minimized or secured before migration to the cloud. And BigID can help organizations rationalize their data prior to a cloud migration with the ability to identify duplicate, redundant and similar data to reduce ongoing management and infrastructure costs in the cloud.