We realize the importance of turning to cloud models for the flexibility and control you need to achieve your digital transformation goals. BigID recognizes this growing trend, and that’s why we’re available on all three major cloud marketplaces: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. This means you can deploy BigID seamlessly within your existing cloud infrastructure, regardless of your preferred provider.

Our close partnerships with AWS, GCP, and Azure extend beyond simple availability. Through their marketplaces, organizations can leverage BigID’s Cloud Auto-Discovery applications, empowering you to not only jumpstart your BigID journey but quickly achieve complete data visibility and control. Tackle your most critical data security, privacy, management, and compliance initiatives head-on.

  • Leverage Cloud-Native Auto Discovery: BigID can integrate with and enrich cloud-native features across each platform to enable and augment comprehensive data security, risk, privacy, and compliance workflows.
  • Procurement Made Easy:  Leverage standardized billing through your existing cloud provider for a smooth procurement process, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Tap Into Your Cloud Spend: Maximize your cloud investment with dollar-for-dollar drawdown options against AWS, GCP, and Azure commitments, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Multi-Cloud Visibility & Control for Security, Privacy, Management, & Compliance

Proactively manage, protect, and get more value from your data, at scale, through unparalleled support across the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. Get complete visibility and context on all sensitive, critical, personal, and regulated data residing in GCP, AWS, and Azure. With native integrations and controls, improve data security posture, automate privacy operations, reduce risk, meet regulatory compliance, get your data ready for AI, and more.

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