Enterprises dealing with personal information across the globe face a similar quandary: their data is both an asset and a liability. It’s an asset if they can wrest new insights from the data they harvest and process, but it’s a liability if they aren’t ensuring that they aren’t protecting the data to definitely address new privacy mandates, and ideally,  to conform to ethical data practices.

The Immuta and BigID partnership was borne out of the market need  for a tightly orchestrated and automated approach to inventorying all personal data and tying that intelligence to granular, contextual policies for how that data is used. Together, BigID and Immuta can now provide an integrated solution to  prepare and implement data into model building for privacy aware AI and machine learning initiatives.

How does it work?

Privacy protection mandates like the EU GDPR and CCPA require enterprises to understand whose data they have, where is that data, and have clear policies to document why they are collecting the data. BigID’s data intelligence platform was launched to provide a first-of-its-kind identity-centric view of data necessary to meet emerging privacy regulations like GDPR and California Consumer Protection Act.

The other side is operationalization:  taking that knowledge about your data subject inventory to enforce the privacy controls as the data is accessed in your organization. The Immuta data control plane allows organizations to natively enforce rules on data to comply with any regulation as well as to implement privacy by design for ethical data practices.  

Customers can build complex policies on their data which can enforce controls on who is entitled to what data and once entitled, fine-grained controls on what they can see based on their attributes and the assigned purpose of processing they are acting under. This allows organizations to take the next logical step after building an inventory of their sensitive data to actually enforce the required controls based on that inventory.

What are the benefits of the partnership?

As we outlined in our press release announcing the partnership, there are a number of tangible ways that we can help enterprises maximize data utilization with automated policy enforcement:

• Natively enforce rules on data to comply with any regulation;
Apply data privacy and anonymization policies such as differential privacy, purpose-based restrictions and minimization based on BigID classifications to enforce rules;
• Service ad hoc data queries using any business intelligence tool;
• Provide users with different levels of access to improve the ability to collaborate on model development and analysis while preserving data protection; and
• Dynamically change policies as BigID updates metadata based on discovery output.

Where can I learn more?

Join us for a joint webinar  on Tuesday February 26 at 2 PM ET, and see a demo of how the partner integration can help balance the objectives of deriving business value from data analytics, while ensuring that data access and privacy policies are consistent with urgent privacy concerns.

Also, feel free to reach out to both BigID and Immuta, by email ([email protected]) or through social media (@bigidsecure on Twitter or LinkedIn).