Data Intelligence for the Public Sector

Data Privacy, Protection, and Perspective for the Public Sector

A Modern Data Intelligence Platform for the Public Sector

BigID uses advanced machine learning and intelligence to redefine personal data protection and privacy for entities in—or doing business with—the public sector.

BigID is a modern data intelligence platform with a foundation of data discovery: automatically discover, map, catalog, classify, and correlate sensitive and personal data on-premise and in the cloud, across any data type.  Get a unified inventory for full visibility of your sensitive data, and take action with apps designed for privacy, protection, and perspective.

How it Works


How it Works

BigID mines, identifies, catalogs, and classifies sensitive data at petabyte scale, empowering the public sector to get insight into their data, ensure compliance, improve governance, and protect PI, PII, IP, and sensitive & regulated data.



BigID is a modern data intelligence platform based on discovery-in-depth with an extensible app framework empowering the public sector to take action on data privacy, protection, and perspective.



BigID helps the public sector know its data across all the entire organization, with scalable coverage where you need it for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Mapping sensitive information across a complex data environment is a challenge for most organizations and a critical challenge—especially as organizations today can collect multiple petabytes of data across a broad range of data sources.

BigID maps, mines, and inventories all types of data from multiple sources across an organization, providing a single pane of glass to visualize risk, gain deep data insight, and take action on that data.

  • Mine the Data: BigID automatically discovers, identifies, and classifies  repositories of primary, secondary, and log sources of data, automatically inventorying data by sensitivity, person, type, server, application, location, and other fields without copying or duplicating.
  • Machine Processing: BigID’s patented ML/AI technology analyzes, correlates, and classifies sensitive data, metadata, data relationships, and elements across data sources. This allows you to go beyond a surface-level data survey to identify usage violations, validate compliance, detect accidental overexposures, and reduce data risk.
  • Manage and Monitor: BigID delivers multiple views, dashboards and reports to empower public sector organizations with deep data intelligence to identify high risk data, manage data quality, ensure compliance, and reduce risk.


Benefits for the Public Sector


Deep Data Discovery

BigID discovers and identifies sensitive and personal data across all types of data, wherever it lives.

BigID delivers best-in-breed and best-in-suite data discovery so that privacy, security and data governance have a common source of data truth.



BigID offers coverage where you need it at petabyte scale.

That includes on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, including legacy systems, mobile applications, and modern platforms like Box, SharePoint, Google Drive, O365, Azure File, HDFS, Outlook, Gmail, Slack, data in motion, and more.


Extensible App Framework

Leverage BigID purpose-built apps for data privacy, data security, and data management.

Easily integrate and get more value from your exiting tools – with added insight and data intelligence.



Move beyond policy and process to data-centric privacy compliance and automation with BigID: get end-to-end data rights automation from request to fulfillment, automate deletion validation, monitor third party data sharing, and more.



Rethink data protection and remediation with discovery-in-depth and proactively reduce risk: protect all types of sensitive data with ML-driven classification, labeling & tagging, access intelligence, remediation, data minimization, breach data intelligence, and more.



Streamline data and AI governance with next-generation data intelligence: enrich metadata management tools, automatically catalog and map all data and metadata, and get more from your data with data profiling, insight, accuracy, and visibility.