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Data Privacy Automation At Scale

Personal Information Discovery & Inventory

Build and automatically maintain a personal data inventory at scale that leverages identity intelligence, ML classification and PI correlation across your enterprise for multiple privacy mandates. 

Comprehensive Data Source Coverage

Classify, correlate and catalog data in motion and data at rest – across unstructured, structured, Big Data, SaaS, IaaS, data warehouses and lakes, messaging platforms, and critical business applications like SAP and Salesforce.

Data Access Rights Fulfillment

Automatically generate data subject access reports from the inventory at scale with the ability to customize for business needs, and integrate with business glossaries. Facilitate data deletion requests.

Data Rights Validation and Assurance

Leverage deletion template workflows to operationalize right-to-be-forgotten requests, ensure automated data deletion validation and policy violation monitoring for continuous compliance.

Dig Deeper

Data Rights Request Validation

Query your personal data inventory by multiple attributes to directly identify a user’s profile.

Advanced Data Rights Management

Customize reporting templates and define settings based on business rules for specific user types. Redact how the attribute and purpose of processing is represented externally.

Third Party Data Sharing Mapping and Discovery

Automatically generate data flow maps and reporting by third party, directionality, business process and attributes for data at rest and in motion 


Transform cybersecurity and data protection with a privacy-centric approach


Streamline governance and apply deep data intelligence to get more from your data