Trace Sensitive Data in MANTA

Automatically identify and tag data to see where sensitive information is flowing.

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Data Sensitivity for MANTA

  • Identify Sensitive Data in MANTA

    Tag sensitive data with a warning label in MANTA lineage flows.

  • Scale Privacy and Security

    Automatically identify and classify sensitive objects in BigID, while seamlessly updating MANTA with privacy-awareness.

  • Proactive Data Protection

    Understand sensitive data flows, sources, transformations, and dependencies in the data environment so that you can secure high-value data.

  • Business Intelligence Continuity

    Manage the data lifecycle while considering data dependencies in order to assess risk and dependencies when retiring, archiving, deleting data.

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Add Context to Data

Apply classification and context at scale, so that MANTA users can see sensitive data in lineage flows and obtain deeper insights.

Proactively Protect High-Value Data

Identify and classify high-value, sensitive data and see where that data is flowing in the organization.

Manage Data Compliance

When you know where sensitive, critical, and regulated data is being processed, you can meet any business and/or regulatory audit or requirement.

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