BigID + Databricks

Automate Data Discovery and Intelligence with BigID for Analytics and AI in Databricks

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Know Your Data in Databricks

  • Identify Sensitive Data for Compliance, Policy, and Protection

    BigID enables customers to find and identify their sensitive and critical data in Delta Lake on Databricks to achieve compliance and minimize risk

  • Gain Data Insight and Context for Complete Data

    Scan and add more metadata insight for all data, structured and unstructured with BigID for Databricks Lakehouse Platform

  • Increase Accuracy of Data Decisions

    Scale data discovery and add context to know what data is available in Delta Lake to select the best data for fast and accurate analytics

  • Accelerate Value with Faster Cloud Migration

    Benefit from cloud technology faster using BigID to accelerate cloud migration projects with data discovery and context to know what data to migrate and what data is sensitive and needs to be protected

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