BigID and Appian

Bring deep data insight to business process management

How Appian and BigID Work Together

BigID and Appian provide a fully integrated platform to build your organization’s privacy rights and security management ecosystem.

Using Appian, organizations can construct a versatile and responsive front-end application to intake data subject access requests (DSARs). BigID performs deep discovery and classification on data stored inside Appian, correlates data down to the individual level, and provides actionable insight and visibility into customer information.

Technical Benefits

  • Privacy-centric data discovery and classification
  • Find data in structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources
  • Robust performance on large-scale repositories
  • Advanced technology that includes machine learning, correlation, cluster analysis, and OCR
  • Data correlation down to individual customers

Business Benefits

  • Agile, rapid development
  • Fast time to market
  • Easily adapted for changes in compliance regulations
  • Works everywhere and has a low footprint
  • Future-proof, providing a strategy for adapting to constantly changing technology and business needs