Building a Privacy Office with Impact

Learn the best practices to manage compliance and operationalize data protection policies


The day-to-day reality of running a privacy office is a balancing act, and growing regulatory complexity, as well as enterprise concern about privacy risk, has amplified the demands on the privacy team’s expertise, guidance and resources. How can privacy offices avoid being submerged and build a sustainable, responsive, and agile privacy program? How can privacy teams take a proactive role in ensuring privacy protection, facilitate collaboration for the ethical use of data and ensure that the enterprise is taking the right steps to uphold their customer commitments?

Join us for a conversation with Greg Pemberton, Global Privacy Officer, at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and BigID Vice President of Privacy & Policy Heather Federman on key considerations for the privacy office within a global enterprise and best practices to manage compliance and operationalize data protection policies. They’ll share practical advice on how to build a data protection program and build privacy-oriented behaviors within an organization’s culture.

Join the discussion to learn more about:

  • Some of the main challenges and opportunities that the privacy team is facing today.
  • How business considerations and regulations can play a role in data-driven decisions and associated risks.
  • The pros and cons of “test and learn” pilots that companies perform.
  • Best practices on aligning privacy principles with the organization’s overall data strategy.

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