How Much Risk Exposure Do You Have With Your Data?

Watch this webinar to discover how data can help enterprises make better decisions and drive profitable outcomes

How can data drive better decision-making and profitable outcomes at your enterprise? Organizations need to be able to identify and balance their risk tolerance while managing ever changing regulations with a proactive data management strategy.

Join Auritas CTO, Deepak Sood, and BigID CPO, Nimrod Vax, as they discuss how to uncover customer insights that will fuel better business decisions and profitable outcomes.

-Common risk challenges with your data and how to address them: from getting rid of silos to lowering operational costs by automating privacy mgmt, giving you more $$ for strategic transformations such as the move to S/4
-Identify how Data Discovery in SAP with BigID can uncover customers insights that fuel better business decisions
-How to discover, protect, and govern data across your organization with a holistic approach
-Customer stories: where data management strategies have driven data security and governance at scale
-Demo: Quantify your data risk exposure with BigID & data governance

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