Forbes: What’s Hiding In Your Data? Data Discovery Is Crucial, But Not Sexy

Some technologies are inherently sexy. Take artificial intelligence. It is likely to take over the vast majority of process-driven work within the next 15 years, from driving vehicles to trading on the stock exchange. Indeed, this technology may shape the world of business and beyond more than any innovation that has gone before it, and there is a seemingly never-ending media narrative around its potential.

When it comes to technologies like this, businesses are often keen to jump on the bandwagon quickly. Leaders commit time and resources to considering how such technology can be best used to improve their organization, and certain industries like manufacturing have already adopted digital transformation and automation technology wholeheartedly. A recent study undertaken by Pod Group, a provider of platforms, software and connectivity services for the Internet of Things (of which I am Chairman), revealed that in response to Covid-19, almost two-thirds (63%) of business leaders expect their companies to speed up plans to replace processes carried out by employees with automation technology.