Cision: BigID and OpenLegacy Partner to Extend Sensitive Data Management to Core Mainframe and Midrange Systems

BigID, the leading data discovery and intelligence platform for privacy, protection, and perspective, today introduced first-of-its-kind discovery and security features for managing sensitive crown jewels across core mainframe systems powered by OpenLegacy. OpenLegacy’s automated API creation provides BigID with pre-built integration to core environments, ensuring no sensitive data is left behind in customers’ quest for regulatory compliance and data protection.

The seamless bundling of OpenLegacy’s APIs with BigID’s platform addresses core challenges faced by all regulated industries that deal with sensitive data – including financial services, insurance companies, and more. Organizations of all types need to be able to discover, identify, and protect sensitive data – in legacy environments stored in mainframes all the way up to the cloud.

A large financial services company, for example, worked with OpenLegacy and BigID to surface sensitive and personal data from Mainframe VSAM systems. The customer singled out OpenLegacy as the only viable solution due to its ability to access VSAM data directly, and the automatic code-generation approach ensured a timely integration of their large-scale legacy environment.