Discovery-in-Depth Product Tour

Take a tour of BigID’s discovery-in-depth and dive into Catalog, Classification, Cluster Analysis, and Correlation.


Catalog & metadata management across structured, unstructured, cloud and data lakes. Capture & manage technical, business and security metadata across your entire data environment. Automatically catalog and map sensitive & personal data with deep data insight, incorporating active metadata and classification.


Scan Data Sources to Automatically Populate the Catalog

Scan 100+ Data Sources Including Unstructured, Data Lakes, Clouds & Pipelines for Catalog

Catalog Metadata Across Your Data Environment

Catalog Metadata From Structured, Unstructured, Cloud, Big Data, noSQL, and More

Metadata Enrichment

Enrich Metadata with Privacy & Security Metadata

Advanced Data Profiling and Quality Management

Get all the information you need in one view – with automatically populated statistics, data quality, and profiling information.

Write Custom Tags and Annotations to Catalog

Export / Import Metadata Into Alation, Collibra, SAP, ASG and More


Classifications & categorization of data elements, metadata & files. Classify data entities and documents with advanced ML.

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Over 100 Out-of-the-Box RegX & ML NER Classifiers

Find, Flag & Tag Combinations of PI & PII

Build or Import Customer Classifications

Deep Learning Based Document Classifiers With Optional On-site Data Training

APIs & Code Snippets for Embedding Classification Scans in Apps, Payloads & Pipelines

Classify Metadata and Update Data Glossaries

Add Classification Findings from Other Sources Including DLP, DRM, DAM & More

Cluster Analysis

Advanced ML cluster analysis for finding duplicate & similar files in NetApp, EMC, O365, Sharepoint, Box, GDrive, HDFS, S3 and more.

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Visualize Similar & Related Documents Across Any Unstructured Data Source

Drill Down To Find Why & How Files Are Similar

Get Detailed Data Composition

Look Up All Documents with Specific Data Attributes

Add Labels like MIP to Groups of Documents

Delegate Deletion and Remediation of Files in Bulk


Find data correlated to a person across data stores with correlation.

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Find Connected Data Across Structured & Semi-structured Data via Referential Key

Automatically Map Data Definitions from a Glossary to Correlation Discovered Data

Add Correlation Across Databases to the Data Catalog

Automatically Populate Correlation Findings into PII and PI Inventory

Find All Data Belonging to a Person Across Any Data Source with Correlation

Kick-off Deletion Workflow of a Person’s Data - and Confirm Erasure

Build and Monitor Data Change and Transfers

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

BigID’s discovery-in-depth capabilities include advanced reporting and analysis – from native reporting to executive reports. Easily leverage advanced reporting and visualizations through our integrations with Tableau and ELK with advanced reporting APIs.

Track Changes Across Scans

Generate Customer Reports for Regulators & Auditors

Customize Daily or Weekly Summary Activity Reports

Get Customized Tableau Reports for Data and Business Analysts

Build Time-series View Across Scans via Elastic Integration

Comprehensive APIs for Integration, Orchestration and Reporting