Data Insights Studio

Visual, configurable, and actionable data intelligence reporting across your entire environment.

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Rich & Insightful Reporting & Analytics About All of Your Data

Get clarity and insight into organizational risk with respect to your data. Gain visibility holistically across your global data ecosystem through centralized, multi-site reporting with BigID.

Eliminate the difficulty and need to manually create your own analytics and reports. Use OOB templates, or customize dashboards, metrics, and other reporting needs based on your liking to immediately see and act on your data. Take it one step further to automatically send periodic reports to the right stakeholders.

Monitor critical metrics relevant to your organization over time. Understand the impact of your actions and determine the direction of how all data initiatives are performing.

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Reporting & Analytics Done Differently

  • Proactive Decision-Making Get actionable insights from your BigID data on just about anything, and be able to forecast based on historical trends.
  • Self-Service Reporting Self-service, customizable dashboards, and reporting configured to what’s important according to your role or team.
  • Historical Trend Analysis Monitor and be alerted on trends, metrics, and important KPIs over time to track the progress of your privacy, security, and governance initiatives.
  • Centralized, Multi-Site Reporting Aggregate data intelligence centrally for multi-site reporting to establish a single pane into the global data landscape.
  • Connect Across the Platform Pull critical information across privacy, security, and governance applications to enrich reporting and analytics.
  • Schedule Delivery Schedule dashboards to be sent automatically to the right people at the right time.
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